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    Her pale hands found their way to a book. "hmm." she picked up the book and opened it, deciding to pretend to read; If nothing else to kill time. Moments went by before a page is turned.
Anna, walked into the room in a black dress. Her normally pink hair was dyed brown. She was finally looking like a mature doctor. "What are you doing?..." She asked seeing Alexandria looking at a page, the book was upside down.
    "Reading." She replied calmly.
     "you can't see." Anna gave a confused glance, before she started putting earrings in.
     "Oh look someone did not forget I am blind!"  She tossed the book, and it hit her brother on the back of the head. Tim looked over and gave a 'WTF' look, his green eyes held a fierce glare, but it had no affect on Alexa.
     Nothing was said from Anna for a moment. She suddenly sighed "I did not sign up for this shit." She mumbled. She saw Alexandria's pale lip turn into a frown. "So what were you reading?" Anna asked, knowing Alexa loved reading before her eyes turned her world dark.
    "The Dark Unwinding..." A sad almost whisper like reply was said.  
    "Oh,was it good?" 
    "I never got passed page twenty-five...I would not know" she moved her head so it face the general area of Anna. Her hair looked shorter than normal; her hair was choppy and suited her quite well.
     "Ever thought about having someone read it to you?"  Anna raised an eyebrow, leaning against a dark oak desk.
She looked like she was thinking very hard on the question, her forehead wrinkled abit "Pass." she had finally said, and backed it up with "It is not the same. Someone can not voice the voices you make when reading as that character." An annoyed sigh slipped past Anna's lips. "Oh and Tim is a dick." Tim glanced over with a crooked smile.
    "Oh god what he do this time?"  Tim looked away quickly, seeing Anna glare at him. HE gathered his stuff and left the room not saying a word.
    "That asshat moved everything in my room around!" Her arms flailed abit in the air, and fell back on the couch. She had a habit of making people think she could see. Anna gave a soft laugh "You know how hard it is to walk in a room that has been messed with?"     Anna shook shook her head, her new dark hair fell loosely from her braid and around her face. A smile crept across her baby pink lips."Could be worse."
    "Yeah he left my ass in a tunnel aswell" a small annoyed growl could be heard.
    "What were you doing in a tunnel?" Blue eyes widened with some worry
    "Long story. "

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